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Our Team: Pro Gallery


From Left to Right
Front Row

John Yeo - Vice President (Branding & Training)
Peter Tan - Honorary Treasurer

TJ Lim - Immediate Past President

Tommy Koh - President

Eddie Chin - Honorary Secretary
Evelyn Chew - Vice President (Local Affairs)

Back Row

Nicole Kwek - Social Media Director

Kiang Li Ting - Community Director

Esther Hee - General Membership Meeting Director

Petrina Lim - Training Director
Menty Lau - Membership Director

Jeffrey Hii - International Affairs Director

Eugene Siew - Vice President (International Affairs)
Jim Wee - Business Director

Our Team: About
Our Team: Pro Gallery


From Left to Right

Sen Duke Alvin Lim - Honorary General Legal Counsel

Sen Steve Quek - Chapter Advisor

TJ Lim - Immediate Past President

Tommy Koh - President

Sen Chow Kok Wah - Chapter Advisor
Sen Eddie Pang - Chapter Advisor

Sen Lim Hui Jie - Chapter Advisor

Our Team: About
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